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Training Curriculum

Long Gun Training offers courses in Precision and long-range rifle marksmanship.  We emphasize the theory and effective practice of long range rifle shooting to give our students a comprehensive understanding of precision shooting. 


PR 101

For Beginners and Intermediate Rifle Shooters

PR|LR 102

For Intermediate to Advanced Rifle Shooters. PR-101 or equivalent is a prerequisite for this course

External Ballistics

Learn how and what impacts bullet trajectory


External Ballistics
No new public classes for 2020

Precision Rifle 101
No new public classes for 2020


Precision Rifle 102
August 22-23

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When you register for classes you will be provided with directions to travel to our range, training center and lodging

Lodging accommodations can be made directly with Taylor Farms Bed & Breakfast which is located near our facilities

At Long Gun Training, we limit rifles to .30-caliber for our registered courses. Please contact us for any questions about your specific rifle system.

Please read our cancellation policy. As part of the registration process, it is recommended you read all of our policies: ammunition waiver, student credential policy, release waiver and emergency information requests.

Recommendations for ammunition can be found in our ammunition policy. Rifle and scope recommendations can be discussed by phone or email. Drop us a message on our contact page

We accept most forms of payment. Our shopping cart is fairly straight-forward and simple to use.

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