Located in the heart of the Finger Lakes of New York State, Darkeagle Custom, Inc. is operated solely by Dan Shumway. Long Gun Training has found that Darkeagle Custom rifles are as unique as the individuals who own them. At Darkeagle Custom, Inc., quality is the number one priority and working with Dan is a great experience. Dan's knowledge and honesty will give you a great experience when building your rifle.


Treadproof® is more than a brand, it is a set of ideals forged by a family that includes advanced medical specialists, elite tactical instructors and the top military operators of today. This core community saw a growing call to bring better science, better practice and a wider depth of experience to one table.

We develop products and training programs that support this mission. From military, law enforcement, to vigilant civilians — we stand as a beacon for those who fight hard and train smarter.

Apex Shooting and Tactics LLC is deeply rooted in a method of training that is safe, effective, relevant, and encourages a continuous thought process that will demand accountability. Safe and effective techniques, tactics and procedures are the foundation of their students learning objectives. In the firearms training community there are competitors and friends, at Long Gun Training we consider Apex Shooting and Tactics a friend, we hold Andrew Blubaugh owner of Apex in high regard as an instructor.

Impact Data Books are designed with the shooter in mind by offering a custom built data book. The concept of a data book is not new. Having a tailor made book that you can layout and design to match the exact targets you train on is a great benefit. Generally most data books on the market today are designed and sold how the designer of the book trains or how they think people should train. Long Gun Training uses Impact Data books starting in our PR 102 courses and teaches how valuable keeping quality data is.

TAB Gear is quality shooting accessories, designed and manufactured in the USA. Long Gun Training uses TAB Gear and strongly suggests their products to our students. TAB gear stands above other shooting accessories not only in the quality of their products but in well thought out and real world tested designs. A lifetime warranty comes with every product.


Long Gun Training sees many brands of optics in our classes. Steiner optics are one of our favorites, because they work every time. We are a Steiner Optics dealer for this reason. We do not run internet sales but rather deal personally with you. We not only sell you a scope but also will teach you how to use it properly. Contact Long Gun Training for more information and student pricing.

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