External Ballistics

This class is a comprehensive coverage of the subject of external ballistics. Students will gain knowledge and a better understanding of how a bullet travels along its trajectory and how and what forces affect it. Also, the use of ballistic programs will be covered enabling students to better understand the benefits of using them. This is       not a live fire instruction, but a classroom course designed to educate shooters on what happens to a bullet from muzzle to target

Topics will include:

Main forces affecting bullet flight
  Bullet flight and understanding forces and magnitudes of them

Atmospheric conditions
  Study the effects of change in an air mass a bullet travels through 

   Combining all the pieces for a firing solution

Slope shooting
   Uphill/Downhill trajectory

Bullet energy
  Kinetic energy vs. momentum

Bullet design
  A topic many times misunderstood with external ballistics

Ballistic programs
  An overview of various programs, how to build data sets and utilize them for a      quality final firing solution


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