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This class comprehensively covers external ballistics subject matter. Students will gain knowledge and a better understanding of how a bullet travels along its trajectory and how and what forces affect it. Also, the use of ballistic software programs will be covered enabling students to better understand the features and benefits. This is not a live-fire instruction, but a classroom course designed to educate shooters on what happens to a bullet from muzzle to target. A great start before taking our Precision Rifle 101 (PR-101) training class.

External Ballistics

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Learn External Ballistics

an LGT classroom-only course to understand ballistics

This comprehensive class covers external ballistics. Students will gain knowledge of how a bullet travels along its trajectory and the forces that affect it. Ballistic software application demonstrations cover features, benefits, and practical use. This course does not include live-fire drills. In other words, this is a classroom-only course to educate shooters on what happens to a bullet from muzzle to target. A great start to your journey to becoming a precision rifle shooter. Above all, please take our PR-101 Precision Rifle class next!

Ballistic topics will include:

  • What are the main forces affecting bullet flight?
    – For example, understanding bullet flight, understanding forces, and their magnitude.
  • How do atmospheric conditions impact trajectory?
    – Study the effects of change in an air mass of bullet travel.
  • Trajectory
    – Combining all of the pieces for a “firing solution.”
  • Slope shooting
    – Uphill and Downhill trajectory.
  • Bullet energy
    – Kinetic energy vs. momentum.
  • Bullet design – Why is it important?
    – A topic misunderstood as it relates to external ballistics.
  • Ballistic software application programs
    – An overview of various programs: firstly, how to build data sets and, secondly; how to utilize them for a quality final “firing solution.”


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