Long Gun Training LLC offers courses in Precision and Long Range rifle marksmanship.  We emphasize the theory and

effective practice of long range rifle shooting to give our students a comprehensive understanding of precision shooting. 

External Ballistics

This class is a comprehensive coverage of the subject of external ballistics. Students will gain knowledge and a better understanding of how a bullet travels along its trajectory and how and what forces affect it. Also, the use of ballistic programs will be covered enabling students to better understand the benefits of using them. This is not a live fire instruction, but a classroom course designed to educate shooters on what happens to a bullet from muzzle to target

Cost: $40


PR 101
2 day course

Precision Rifle instruction held on our Main Training Center range with target sets out to 700 yards. Designed for the beginner to intermediate shooter. This course has a heavy emphasis on the fundamentals of  rifle marksmanship and will be primarily done from the front support prone position. Physical exertion for students will be low to moderate.






Cost: $600

Location: Western New York State

PR/LR 102
2 day course

Precision and Long Range Rifle instruction on our Main Training Center range with target sets out to 700 yards and on our Long Range venue with target sets out to 1300 yards.

Day One - Main training Center targets out to 700 yards

We introduce students to Positional, Tripod, Barricade and front support other than prone as well as multiple target engagements.

Day Two - Long Range Venue targets out to 1300 yards

Students will continue with field data collection with a greater emphasis on atmospheric measurements and applying these into ballistic solvers for firing solutions. Students will also be exposed to spotting and calling corrections for each other. 


  Physical exertion for students will be low to moderate.


Cost: $650

Location: Western New York State


Private Instruction


Long Gun Training offers private instruction for up to (3) three students. We offer our standard courses but also offer personalized curriculum based on your needs.


The cost per day for private instruction is:

One student $850 each

Two students $800 each

Three students $750 each


Any Departments or Agencies, please contact Long Gun Training for a capabilities brief and to discuss your requirements.



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