At the beginning of Long Gun Training instruction all students are required to sign an Ammunition Waiver regardless of the student’s choice of using factory ammunition or hand loaded ammunition.

This waiver includes, but is not limited to:


  • The student assumes all risk pertaining to equipment damage and personal injury associated with the use of ammunition (factory or hand loaded) in his/her rifle.

  • ​The student will not hold Long Gun Training LLC responsible in any way of failures, inconsistencies, inaccuracies or any other performance related issues pertaining to said ammunition.

  • ​If the student experiences any ammunition failures, or any performance related issues that cause the student to no longer be able to complete the course of instruction, there will be no refund, pro-rated refund, or offer of course rescheduling - no exceptions.

  • ​If the student’s rifle has a catastrophic failure or is damaged, due to the use of factory ammunition or hand loaded ammunition, Long Gun Training LLC is not responsible, nor held liable for any costs associated with the repair or replacement of said rifle.


Other Long Gun Training LLC comments:


Factory ammunition other than "Match Grade" quality will not achieve the desired accuracy needed for precision rifle instruction. Long Gun Training LLC requires students to only use "Match Grade" if using factory ammunition.

Long Gun Training LLC does not recommend the use of Sierra 168 grain HPBT Matchking bullets in .30 caliber rifle systems (primarily .308 Winchester). This bullet’s stability at extended ranges can become degraded and produces inconsistent results.






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