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LGT Philosophy

Over the years, LGT has developed a series of Precision and Long Range rifle training coursework. These series start with the fundamentals with our PR-101 class, giving new students enough time and practice to learn and apply the most basic skills. The next level, PR-102, takes your skills to the next level required for ultimate mastery of rifle marksmanship.

Come train with us! We deliver training at the highest level of professionalism. There are no carnival shooting drills or endless commercials from a long list of advertising sponsors; instead, our training classes are well-grounded and proven with time-tested instruction techniques and drills; all the while adhering to our mission statement of Integrity, Passion and Innovation.

We Believe In Integrity, Passion & Innovation

Long Gun Training is a marksmanship training organization designed for the precision and long-range rifle shooter.

Our goal is to instruct all levels of students from the beginner to the professional.

Our mission is to foster the development of excellence in precision and long-range rifle marksmanship through the promulgation of performance standards and protocols, through training and testing and the recognition and certification of achievement.


We hold character and ethical practices in high regard not only in ourselves but also in anyone we have business dealings with.


The leadership of our business brings passion to the education and instruction of quality marksmanship training. We strive to achieve the best to make every student’s education second to none in our field. We aspire to learn and we have fun and celebrate achievement.


We strive to bring the best curriculum to our students, not only in the creation of instructional material but also in its presentation and daily training schedule. Students will be assessed as to their incoming proficiency and then exposed to a higher level of instruction which will bring more out of them in order for them to better themselves.

Precision. Accuracy. Consistency.

Precision Rifle Marksmanship Defined:

  • Precision – Your rifle’s  capability
  • Accuracy – Combining rifle capability and your ability to adjust on target
  • Consistency – Your capacity for driving the rifle
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Jonah Yezzi

aka "Sierra Mike" Instructor/ Competitive Shooter

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Our customers come to LGT from all over the country. From individuals to various law enforcement units including local, state and federal agencies

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