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Long gun Training

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Long Gun Training offers a range of courses in precision rifle and long range marksmanship. We emphasize the theory and effective practice of long range rifle shooting giving our students a comprehensive understanding of precision rifle marksmanship.

“Great instruction, fun & incredible experience”

I really can't say enough good about Long Gun Training. Curt is a great instructor and a fun guy who made the class an incredible experience. The ranges were fantastic.

Long Gun Training Curriculum

PR 101

Precision Rifle instruction with targets set out to 700 yards. Designed for the beginner to intermediate shooter. This course has a heavy emphasis on the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship. Physical exertion for students will be low to moderate.

PR 102

Precision and Long Range Rifle instruction with targets set out from 650 to 1,300 yards.

Introduction into Positional, Tripod, Barricade and other front support. Multiple target engagement.

Physical exertion will be low to moderate.

External Ballistics

This comprehensive class thoroughly covers external ballistics. Students will gain a better understanding of how a bullet travels along its trajectory.

Attendees will get practical, hands-on training on ballistic software programs. This is not a live-fire class, instead its ‘classroom only’ to educate shooters on what happens to a bullet from muzzle to target.

"Our Thoughts on Marksmanship"

Our view of Marksmanship is comprised of three important components:
Precision, Accuracy and Consistency.

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